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Whether through a fire alarm or security system, protection of life and property is essential to Amped Fire & Security’s mission. Our goal is to provide a solid, quality product that will successfully serve the customer for years. We understand that every situation is unique and through open communication we can develop a solution to suit your needs.



A critical part of providing any system is the design stage. A proper design allows for a smooth process from procurement of the equipment, through installation, to the final training of the end user. Our on-staff design team has all required NICET certification, code knowledge and an extensive history of designing special systems in Alaska.  We can provide a turn-key design that is code compliant, with all necessary calculations and components.  Our experience is in both Design/Build and Bid-Spec projects.



Amped prides itself on its attention to detail, respect for the owner’s property, and limiting the impact on the customer’s operations during the installation phase.



Amped also provides “Parts & Smarts” packages, as we are pleased to work with other installers and electrical contractors.  Whether we are subbed to an electrical contractor, or we are simply supplying material, we will work with all involved to provide a system that meets or exceeds the end-user’s needs.



Fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested and maintained regularly to comply with local and national codes. Amped’s technicians will inspect your system in compliance with these codes and standards to ensure your system is working properly.



It is important to remember that even the most advanced and highest quality equipment needs to be maintained. Amped will work with you to develop a service plan, to avoid future costs that typically arise from disrepair and obsolescence. Routine inspection and maintenance will help to keep your equipment in peak condition.


Annual service of your fire alarm system will also help to keep you in compliance with the local authority having jurisdiction, such as the fire marshal. 

A properly serviced and functioning system can save lives and property in the event of an emergency.